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About Us

Who We Are

SpotPositive is a social enterprise and early stage multi-channel platform. Our first launch will be an app that enables parents and teenagers to leverage the popular technologies and social media apps that they already use everyday to make it easy, fun, and rewarding to juggle the myriad activities, social causes, and responsibilities that we all seem to have packed into our lives. 

How It Works

Teens earn rewards (aka “Spots”) and cash by achieving goals & milestones, supporting the causes they care about, and completing their responsibilities + additional opportunities of their choosing.  They can then redeem their earnings for in-game and real-life rewards through our partners and offers from their parents. 

Why It Matters

In a world where teens are inundated with social media, gaming apps, streaming videos and web-based content, SpotPositive teaches them to be industrious, to set and work towards goals, to save money and to get active on the issues they care about. It also supports clear communication, positive reinforcement, recognition of achievements, and provides today’s busy parents with a tool to catch their kids being good (aka to "SpotPositive”)


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Social Enterprise

Our Mission

Our mission is to neutralize the effects of income inequality while driving industriousness and activism. We will accomplish this through a community-driven approach to sponsorship and social change.  Our technology will support the distribution of rewards (cash, goods, and services) in return for consistent participation and advancement in our goal & task oriented system. Rewards will be funded by our members and partners.